Chicken of the Sea recalls cans of chunk tuna

It hasn’t been a great week for tuna fish lovers.

Tuna giant Chicken of the Sea is following on the heels of Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, and voluntarily recalling some light tuna products over possible contamination issues.

Tri-Union Seafoods LLC announced on Thursday certain cans of Chicken of the Sea light tuna fish may have been undercooked due to an equipment malfunction.

A little over 100,000 cans of Chicken of the Sea fall under the recall which affects 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in oil and in water.

The company said the issue was discovered during a routine inspection. According to the statement, no illnesses have been reported.

The cans were distributed nationwide between Feb. 10 and March 16.  Consumers can take the product to the store where they purchased it for a full refund, according to the company.

View the complete list of the affected products.

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The voluntary recall is due to possible contamination issues from a facility not owned by Bumble Bee.Video provided by Newsy Newslook

4 Must-Have SEO Hacks for Better Mobile Marketing

I’m in the process of finding a daycare. As a working parent, my lunches are spent perusing options on my phone as I eat my Jimmy Johns (sometimes Erberts & Gerberts if I’m feeling fancy). When I come to website that doesn’t render well, I leave. If the “Request a Tour” form is unmanageably long on mobile, I leave. The expectation of instant gratification when surfing is engraved in our mobile behavior.

With over 50% of all Google searches performed from a mobile device, it’s vital for website owners to ensure their websites are optimized for mobile.

Optimizing for mobile goes beyond just having a responsive website. Here are the 4 hacks for optimizing your site for optimal user experience.

#1 – Optimize Your Page Speed

Every. Second. Counts.

We’ve all experienced the pain of a website that’s slow to load, and this frustration is a leading factor for page abandonment. Delight your users with pages that load in the blink of an eye.  Apart from user-experience and page abandonment, page speed is also an important factor in Google ranking, so it’s important to test and address page speed regularly. An infographic from KISSmetrics features survey results correlating slower page response time with increased page abandonment. For mobile users, most survey participants say they typically wait 6-10 seconds before they abandon pages.

To check your current page speed, we recommend using Google’s free tool, PageSpeed Insights. This tool quickly tests how fast your site loads on mobile and desktop, identifies areas for improvement, and provides instructions on how to fix each item.

#2 – Standardize Your Local Search Presence

Whether your business has a local presence or not, Google is aware of a searcher’s physical location when any type of search is performed on mobile. They may not specify that they’re looking for a “State Park in Minnesota” but results will include geographical relevant results.

Minnesota State Park

Standardizing your company’s NAP information (name, address, phone) across local directories ensure local customers can quickly locate accurate contact information, and will also support local rankings for searches related to your company, services or products. Tools like Moz Local allows users to feed consistent NAP information across hundreds of local directories.

#3 – Don’t Block CSS, JavaScript, or Images

Blocking these files used to be standard practice, as older mobile phones did not support these elements. Today’s smartphone capabilities are able to load CSS (style sheets), Javascript (commonly used for interactive effects) and images – and Google wants to access these too!

Blocking of these elements, along with other mobile-friendly standards can be uncovered using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

#4 – Analyze & Test

Let the data do the talking. Take a look at your website’s analytics to understand how mobile users interact with your website. Specifically, analyze what the most popular pages for mobile visitors are and which pages have the highest bounce rate for mobile visits. With these insights, pull up your site with a mobile device and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the most important information easy to find?
  • Are the forms short and simple to complete?
  • Are the images resizing correctly to fit your screen?
  • Is the company phone number “click-to-call”?

Call upon your coworkers or family to test your website on various mobile devices. You can also use free mobile rendering tools like to emulate how your site loads on various devices.

Following these four mobile marketing hacks will help improve customer experience and make your website search engine friendly for mobile queries. Whether you’re the affordable daycare that I didn’t pursue, or the Jimmy Johns that made my day and my Turkey Tom, your ability to provide a great mobile experience can be the difference between an inquiry or sale and a user abandoning your website.

If you need help optimizing your mobile marketing presence to attract more customers, we’re here to help.

Trailer Hitches- Types, Uses And Applications

Pickup trucks with trailer hitches have a variety of uses. These can pull campers, cargo trailers and boats. Most pickup trucks have a ball trailer hitch. Others are gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches. It is vital to have an in sufficiently truck to pull whatever is joined with the trailer. The truck must have enough engine quality to develop energy to pull the attached. It must be introduced accurately to the truck or the whole hitch apparatus can fall off, the freight. Ordinarily, it is mounted on a kind of guard that must be presented under the back end. The quality of this apparatus decides the amount of weight truck can deal with. Class-5 is the most grounded, with a pulling limit of more than 10,000 pounds whereas Class-1 is the weakest with capacity of 2000 pounds..

Bigger trailer hitch balls can more often bolster more weight than small balls. Gooseneck additionally uses a ball, yet they are connected to the truck in an unexpected way. Goosenecks are connected to the highest point of the truck bed, instead of at the guard.

Fifth wheels are the most grounded sort of hitches. They can be used to convey substantial payload. Substantial load trucks as a rule utilize fifth wheel hitches. They permit trucks to pull freight. Without the best possible kind of hitch, it is difficult to append and pull a trailer.

Lawn movers are a basic greenhouse instrument required for trimming grass of gardens. So as to keep a yard in impeccable condition, section grass is totally basic. In the event that grass is not cut routinely, the unchecked development will without a doubt ruin the yard’s presence and the diligent work put behind the formation of a garden will be made useless. A garden lawn mover’s trims grass to a uniform length. Two types of systems are used.

The instrument involved in trimmers is connected to the usage of an arrangement of winding barrel shaped sharp edges rotating on a flat hub. Slice is finished by an activity like that of a scissor. The pivot is altered to a rigging that is then set up on one of the wheels. This is done to guarantee that the sharp edges turn quick for excellent grass cutting work while the trimmer is making a moderate development. In the other system including rotational cutters, the edges pivot on a level plane on a vertical drive shift. Slicing happens in light of the fact that the flat cutting edge strikes the grass at a fast.

Lawn movers constantly allow the garden’s stature trimmer to be sensitive to check the tallness of the cut grass. On less modern lawn cutters, this is accomplished by physically moving every wheel to a different hole on the system. Be that as it may, the most recent change in rotational trimmers makes accessible a one-touch stature alter framework where the wheels are set up on a structure autonomous from the rest of the grass cutter and the structure can be lifted.

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How To Make Your Home Looks Like A Dream Home?

With most of the houses, exterior doors represent a unique appealing. Luckily, they are the special affection to the tenants. As a main point of reference, different exterior wood doors have gained popularity. Like a blockbuster movie however, a home front requires various showcases to accomplish a convincing entry. Now that you’re giving orders, you can begin your mission by adding a dose of colors to your home.

On the off chance that the predominant shade of the front side is something serene like dark or cream, introducing custom wood entryways in dynamic reds or yellows will truly flavor it up, including that “goodness” component that is anything but difficult to accomplish. At that point welcome your friends for a session. An entire’s piece “Mars and Venus” issue is that for ladies, easily overlooked details mean a great deal, while men, they’re called little which is as it should be. That makes ladies the reasonable victors in the fight for support.

Using wide outside wood entryways as your beginning stage, you can supplant overhead lights, update that obsolete post box and repair house numbers that have tumbled off or are hanging by a string. With all the outline potential outcomes today, it’s nothing difficult to escape and try too hard. Rather, to expand check claim, you’re in an ideal situation whetting their hungers than forcibly feeding them. Think regarding symmetry and effortlessness, for example, outside wood doors surrounded by coordinating sidelights and indistinguishable grower. Appropriately executed, this methodology will satisfy the eye and persuading spectators to come inside for a finer look. Whether they get that far, obviously, is dependent upon you.

You can contribute a ton of time and money to make an interesting front for your home that incorporates charming entryways along with some of the best door signs to attract individuals.

Detailed NFL Game Preview


This week points the second challenge for the Titans that incorporate four home games. They were keep going out at Cleveland and the next without end they will play at Houston, giving them five weeks amid the season. In the 56-year history, that has happened just three times. The Titans plan to take advantage of early bye in their timetable. In the “Titans period” 1999 to present, there have been just three different events in which they had an open date after three games: 2000, 2001 and 2007 (Week 4).

The Bills are ready to play their second street game in the season’s initial five weeks. They opened the season with a couple of home games, first overcoming the Indianapolis Colts and afterward tumbling to the New England Patriots. In Week 3, they went out surprisingly and earned an amazing triumph to the detriment of the Miami Dolphins.


Sadly, since Peyton Manning’s landing in Denver, the Broncos have overwhelmed this arrangement. With Manning at the controls, Gary assuming control as head mentor and Rick Dennison joining the group as hostile facilitator, the Broncos must be viewed as a Super Bowl contender. In the event that the Raiders need to make any commotion, they are going to need to win in the division. Winning the division is the group’s No. 1 objective.

Cardinals at lions

The Cardinals were moving toward what might have been an endeavor for a game winning field objective, and after a 2014 season about close wins and second-half rebounds, certainty wasn’t an issue even after they had fizzled a significant part of the amusement against the Rams.

Three inadequate passes unexpectedly finished that idea, nonetheless, and for once, the script didn’t play out. Those sorts of recreations we have won for a long time,” mentor Bruce Arians said, the day after the 24-22. It’s not frequently that New England Patriots head mentor Bill tips his hand in respect to how he’s drawing closer his next rival. It appears as though there are no privileged insights to the group’s way to deal with their week 5 match-up against the Dallas Cowboys.

Patriots at cowboys

The Patriots added two tremendous bodies to their protective line at the start of the bye week in previous Saints guarded lineman Akiem Hicks and in previous Packers cautious lineman Khyri Thornton. This does exclude Dominique Easley, who measures some place in the territory of 290 lbs. The Oakland Raiders recharge a competition with an old enemy and commencement their slate of AFC West amusements with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Oakland. The Silver and Black will make their yearly outing to Mile High nation in Week 14. The Week 5 match-up imprints the 110th customary season meeting between these two unique American Football League establishments.


David Falor – DIRECTOR AND CEO of Allied Hospitality Group, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. David Falor is in the position of Chief Executive Officer. David Falor founded Allied Hospitality Group, Inc., in 1983. He is recognized as an industry leader in maximizing the performance of under-performing hotels, resorts and conference centers. Falor’s hotel career spans forty years, beginning with independent fine dining restaurants in Hawaii and Australia, then joining Westin Hotels at the Hotel del Coronado in California

  • Hotel management company; Hotels ranged in size from150 to 450 rooms, most were full service hotels; earned many 4 Star ratings
  • Hilton, Sheraton, Renaissance, Marriott, Preferred, and I.H.G. hotels as well as independents.
  • City, suburban, golf resort, and conference-center properties
  • Launched business with management of a 300-room Hilton in Chicago, then continued to buy and manage or serve as third-party manager — as many as 25 concurrently / 125 total over the years.
  • The first 5 hotels managed were all Hiltons including the 450 room Woodfield Hilton which had 55 meeting and conference rooms. Total revenue for this hotel was $ 27,968,000 in 1992.